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What is a probe?

Definition 1: (1) A class of labeled molecules used in molecular biology and biochemistry experiments to indicate the nature or physical state of a particular substance (e.g., nucleic acid, protein, cell structure, etc.). (2) some instruments of the detector. Such as pH probes, ion probes, and the like. Subject: biochemistry and molecular biology (a subject); methods and techniques (two subjects)
Definition 2: A nucleotide fragment labeled with a biotin or radioactive element. Subject: aquatic science (a subject); aquatic breeding (two subjects)
Definition 3: Labeled single-stranded DNA or RNA fragments used to detect complementary sequences in molecular hybridization. Subject: cell biology (a subject); cell biology technology (two subjects)
Definition 4: Marked single-stranded DNA or RNA fragments used in molecular hybridization to detect complementary sequences. Subject: Genetics (a subject); molecular genetics (two subjects)
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