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Classification of test boards for electronic circuit boards

  Classification of the electronic circuit board test probe The selection of the probe is mainly based on the center of the circuit board (PCB) board and the measured point of the shape may be, the PCB board to be tested between the point and the closer, The smaller the outer diameter.
  At present, the quality of domestic probes can be ordinary, many of the so-called Taiwan probe is actually made in China OEM, generally more than 0.31 0.31 mm of the probe are domestic customs clearance, the general number of tests can be guaranteed at 200,000 times To about 150,000 times, although the product as soon as possible is 100 million times, the actual effect I use at this level is slightly higher, domestic and imported products is the biggest difference in the wear resistance of the plating layer, because the needle material Are imported raw materials, so the import and domestic difference is not big.
  Usually the circuit board probe has a lot of specifications, the needle is mainly composed of three parts: First, the needle: the main copper alloy for the material outside the gold-plated. Second, the spring: mainly piano steel wire and spring steel gilt. Third, the needle: the main tool steel (SK) nickel or gold-plated. The above three parts are assembled into a probe. There are also outer casing, can be welded wire.
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