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The role of electron probe?

  An electron probe is an analytical instrument that can be used to analyze the chemical composition of a mineral microparticle in a sheet. The instrument focuses a highly focused electron beam on the mineral and excites the characteristic X-rays that make up the mineral element. The wavelength of the fluorescent X-rays is measured by a beam splitter or detector and the strength is compared to the standard sample or the component content is directly counted according to the different intensity correction.
  The electron probe can qualitatively or quantitatively analyze the chemical composition of tiny areas (microns) in the sample. It is possible to perform dot-line scanning (obtaining layer composition distribution information), and surface scan analysis (to obtain a component surface distribution image). But also automatic batch (preset 9999 test points) quantitative analysis. Because the electronic probe technology has the advantages of quick and easy operation (relatively complex chemical analysis method), the explanation of the experimental results is straightforward, the analysis process does not damage the sample, the measurement accuracy is high, so in metallurgy, geology, electronic materials, Medical, archaeological and other fields are increasingly widely used, is an important tool for mineral test analysis and sample composition analysis.
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