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ICT and ICT test principles

  The IN CIRCUIT TESTER is designed to detect all parts of a circuit board product, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, FETs, SCRs, LEDs, and ICs. Disadvantages such as: short circuit, circuit break, missing parts, bad parts, poor parts or poor assembly, etc., and clearly pointed out the location of the shortcomings to help users ensure product quality and improve the efficiency of defective maintenance. The REED RELAY, which is the highest test coverage today, is the most reliable and easy to use, providing the most complete online testing machine.
   The scope and characteristics of the ICT test are used to check the electrical performance of the on-board components and the connection of the circuit network. Can measure the resistance, capacitance, inductance, crystal and other devices, the diode, transistor, light lotus, transformers, relays, operational amplifiers, power modules and other functional tests, small and medium-sized integrated circuits for functional testing, such as all 74 series, Memory class, commonly used drive class, exchange class IC. It detects the defects of the manufacturing process and the poor components by testing the electrical properties of the on-line devices directly. Component class can check the component value of the ultra-poor, failure or damage, Memory class program error. On the craft can be found as solder short circuit, the components inserted wrong, plug in, missing, pin tilt, Weld, PCB short circuit, broken and other failures. Test the fault directly located in the specific components, device pins, network points, fault location accuracy. There is no need for more expertise in troubleshooting. The use of program-controlled automated testing, simple operation, fast and fast testing, board test time is generally in a few seconds to several tens of seconds.
  The meaning of online testing is usually the first test in the production process, can promptly respond to the manufacturing situation, conducive to process improvement and upgrading. ICT test fault board, due to fault positioning, easy maintenance, can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Because of its ICT test project specific, is a modern large-scale production quality assurance one of the important test methods.
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