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ICT test needle maintenance

 ICT test pin in the ICT test process has played a very important role. Although the probe is a consumable, but the maintenance of good, the probe life expectancy on the cost control has a certain role. How to maintain the test needle, let the life longer, the following is the five key points of probe maintenance:
  1, the test environment Test environment is the main reason for the probe contamination of debris, such as the test environment flux more, or more dust in the air, contamination in the probe needle will cause the probe contact problems, so high standards The dust-free workshop is one of the prerequisites for probe life.
 2, dust cover Many fixture factory to provide dust cover to prevent dirt falling on the test needle and needle. Especially for empty or unused fixtures. In a vacuum fixture, dust will sink around the test plate and will be inhaled directly into the test needle when using a vacuum gauge.
  3, process control In testing more rosin PCB, the probe will be contaminated with a lot of rosin, control the amount of rosin is very important.
  4, wipe the use of anti-static brush is the most safe and fast way, metal brush or hard brush are likely to damage the needle or coating, the test results adversely affected.
  5, needle probe needle is easy to be flux or rosin pollution, it is recommended to use a soft brush to clean up, first from the fixture will test probe pulled out, tied together, and then only part of the needle in the cleaning agent in about five Sort, with a soft brush to wipe, remove the residue dried, the installation continues to test.
  Keeping the test pin in the clean state is the most effective way to reduce the test failure rate.
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