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Test the purpose of the probe

  Test needle, the industry also known as the test probe for the PCB board test is divided into spring needle (special needle) and universal needle, spring needle in use, according to the PCB layout of the test board production test mold, and Under normal circumstances, a mold can only test a PCB board; universal needle in use, just have enough points can be, so many manufacturers are using universal pins; spring needle according to the use of the problem is divided into PCB board Pin, ICT probe, BGA probe, PCB board probe is mainly used for PCB board testing, ICT probe is mainly used for plug-in online testing, BGA probe is mainly used for BGA package testing and chip testing.
  At present, the main test probe suppliers abroad: the United States ECT, Germany's INGUN, the United States QA, which ECT double-headed probe cost-effective;
  1, phase analysis of metal materials, composition analysis and identification of inclusions in the form of ingredients.
  2, gold and silver jewelry, precious stones jewelry identification, archaeological and cultural relics identification, and criminal investigation and other areas.
  3, polymer, ceramic, concrete, biological, mineral, fiber and other inorganic or organic solid material analysis.
  4, the surface of the solid material coating, coating analysis, such as: metallized film surface coating detection.
  5, the material surface micro-regional components of the qualitative and quantitative analysis, the surface of the material to do elements of the surface, line, point distribution analysis.
  Uses can be divided into:
 A, optical circuit board test probe: not installed components before the circuit board test and only open circuit, short circuit detection probe, most of the domestic probe products can replace imported products;
 B, on-line test probe: PCB circuit board after the installation of components after the detection probe; high-end products or the core technology in the hands of foreign companies, some domestic probe products have been successfully developed alternative to imported probe products;
 C, microelectronics test probe: that is, wafer testing or chip IC detection probe, the core technology or master in the hands of foreign companies, domestic manufacturers to actively participate in research and development, but only a small number of precision electronics and other manufacturers successfully produced.
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