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Application of Test Probes in Archeology

  Test probe, K-50-QG wireless router test. Is a test connection electronic component that is used in electronic testing to test PCBA.
  The types of test probes are PCB probes, ICT function test probes (automotive wiring harness test probes, battery pins, current and voltage pins, switch pins, capacitive polarity pins, high frequency pins), BGA test probes, and so on.
  According to the origin is divided into the United States QA probe, the United States ECT probe, the United States IDI probe, Germany INGUN probe, Germany PTR probe, South Korea LEENON probe, Taiwan CCP Chinese probe, Taiwan UC You pass probe Wait.
The quality of the test probe is mainly reflected in the material, coating, spring, casing diameter accuracy and production process.   Test probe made in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, imports of three, and the domestic product of its many materials with imported materials.
  Probes, also known as rods, are one of the most convenient tools for modern archaeologists to study underground soils. There is a probe link (thread) probe rod, you can get any layer of underground soil to do the test. Convenient, fast, used to detect the soil of the underground soil in order to understand whether the ancient underground tombs.
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