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What is the principle of testing the probe?

  The test probe is a small single-stranded DNA or RNA fragment (about 20 to 500 bp) for the detection of complementary nucleic acid sequences. Double stranded DNA is denatured to be single stranded and subsequently labeled with radioisotopes (usually with phosphorus-32), fluorescent dyes or enzymes (eg horseradish peroxidase). Phosphorus-32 is usually incorporated into the phosphate group of one of the four nucleotides that make up the DNA, and the fluorescent dye and enzyme are covalently linked to the nucleic acid sequence.
  Now the test fixture, the test probe is as a medium, the probe on the casing, the probe head contact with the test object, the other end of the casing leads to the signal transmission out to receive the signal back in the test machine Processing, such as resistance using the current source to calculate the pressure drop across the probe, the capacitor to a constant voltage to calculate the frequency of the charging time of the slope, the probe in the fixture when he has a continuous use of the characteristics, and the cost is not high He has been widely used in the test industry.
  The head of the test probe is divided into a number of main reasons because different test points need different head types, such as dip feet using claw head type, test pad point using pointed, round or flat head, IC pin used plum Head and so on all rely on experienced production staff according to PCB parts on the finished product to select.
  Nanoization of the probe is only the strengthening of the material, the impact of the test fixture is not, if you are interested in the impact of the test fixture should be part of the test equipment, such as AOI detection.
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