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What is the role of semiconductor probes in IC test fixtures

  What is the role of semiconductor probes in IC test fixtures
  1, the semiconductor probe in the IC test fixture to enhance the durability of the fixture
 The semiconductor probe is designed so that its spring space is larger than the conventional probe, so it can get a longer life.
  2, uninterruptible electrical contact design
 Stroke more than the effective travel (2/3 itinerary) or the general trip can maintain a low contact impedance, eliminating the false caused by the probe caused by false open circuit.
  3, to improve the test accuracy
 IC test needle because more sophisticated, usually diameter is 0.58mm below the total length of not more than 6 mm, so to achieve the same product with a better accuracy.
  IC test with a high versatility, just replace the particle limit box, you can test the size of different particles; the use of ultra-short imported double-headed probe design, compared to similar test products, IC and PCB between the data transmission distance Shorter, so as to ensure that the test results are more stable, higher frequency, DDR3 series of the highest frequency up to 2000MHz.
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