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The structure of the ICT probe

  Commonly used ICT test probe is composed of needle, outer tube and spring three components, because the ICT probe in the application of its emphasison its conductivity, durability and hardness characteristics such as the strength, so in the manufacturing process plating is A very important part. Before the assembly of these parts to do a special plating treatment, so as to assemble an electrical parameters of the standard probe.
  Gold for the probe is also pay attention to the entire part of the needles are gold-plated, including the inner wall and the outer wall. The inner wall and the outer wall of all gold, be considered the completion of the gold tube gold tube. Because of the cost of many manufacturers will not do the plating of the spring, but there is a high demand, then the spring also need to be plated.
  On the other hand, ICT probes also need to be able to meet the characteristics of wear resistance and low impedance, so when the selection of basic materials, the needle is often beryllium copper or SK-4, the needle is made of phosphor bronze, , All the material surface gold-plated.
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