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Test the application of the probe in biology

  The test probe is a contact medium for electrical testing, a high-end precision electronic hardware component.
  The test probe is a small single-stranded DNA or RNA fragment (about 20 to 500 bp) for the detection of complementary nucleic acid sequences. Double stranded DNA is denatured to be single stranded and subsequently labeled with radioisotopes (usually with phosphorus-32), fluorescent dyes or enzymes (eg horseradish peroxidase). Phosphorus-32 is usually incorporated into the phosphate group of one of the four nucleotides that make up the DNA, and the fluorescent dye and enzyme are covalently linked to the nucleic acid sequence.
  When the probe is hybridized to the sample, the probe and its complementary nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) sequence are closely linked by hydrogen bonding, and then the excess probe that has not been crossed is washed away. Finally, according to the type of test probe, can be autoradiography, fluorescence microscopy, enzyme amplification and other methods to determine whether the sample, or where the site contains the sequence (that is, complementary sequence with the probe).
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