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Together with the selection of test probes

  Test the choice of the rule of the needle with the largest cost of governance, the current test probe sub-domestic, Taiwan, Hong Kong, imports of three. Import products are generally Germany, the United States, Japan's products, brands are INGUN, TCI, Japan, Huarong, in the exploration, exploration and so on. The quality of the test probe is mainly reflected in the material, coating, spring, casing diameter accuracy and production process.
  At present, including domestic products, many of its material with imported materials, so unless it is cut corners of the general probe material is not a big problem, the accuracy of the needle and casing diameter and domestic products in Taiwan and Hong Kong, imports slightly better but the general impact is not, Spring and the quality of the coating in this area is much better than the domestic imports of Taiwan, Taiwan, Hong Kong produced a little better than the domestic, the main reason is the difference between the level of technology, domestic paint coating wear-resistant coating is easy to fall off. If the production of test fixture use time and the number of tests more than 150,000 times more than the choice of imported products is more appropriate, but the imported probe price is more expensive. At present, the domestic production level and process gradually increased, and in the current price war situation, many agents of domestic sales of positives or Taiwanese production of the probe.
  If the test requirements and the number of tests is not high, then recommend the use of domestic test probe. The quality of the probe is mainly related to the number of tests in the test fixture production and whether the contact is good.
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