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ICT test probe basics

ICT test probe basics
  ICT (In-Circuit Test System), the Chinese language is called the online tester, mainly used for assembly circuit board (PCBA) test. Here the "online" is "In-Circuit" literal translation, mainly refers to the components on the line. The on-line test is a test technique that doesnot open the circuit and does not remove the component pins. "Online" reflects the importance of measuring the circuit board by testing the components on the line or testing the short-circuit status
  1. The use of a wide range of ICT, the measurement accuracy is high, the detection of the problem is clear, is a standard test means, even if the technical level of the general workers to deal with the problem of PCBA is also very easy. The use of ICT can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
  2. ICT Test is mainly through the test probe contact PCB layout out of the test point to detect PCBA line open circuit, short circuit, all parts of the welding situation can be divided into open circuit test, short circuit test, resistance test, capacitance test, diode test, transistor test , Field test, IC pin test (testjet` connect check BasicScan Bist), and other common and special components of the missing, wrong, parameter value deviation, solder joint welding, circuit board short circuit and other failures, and The fault is which component or the short circuit is located at which point through the printer or the screen display to tell the user exactly.
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