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Dongguan Lannyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Dongguan Taiyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company jointly developed, produced and manufactured with Korean group companies. At present, the company mainly produces: test probes, precision test fixtures (products include: semiconductor test probes, camera module test fixtures, fingerprint module test fixtures, BGA test fixtures, LCD module test fixtures, etc.)
  In order to serve the Chinese semiconductor chip Blue Ocean, the company has always maintained the purpose of Korean quality manufacturing, and has a technical team from home and abroad, and has established an advanced automated production line with Korean companies, and passed the ISO9001 system certification, providing a full set of tests for precision testing. solution.
  The company independently developed non-magnetic probes, and non-stick tin probes have been successfully applied in aviation military medical and other industries, and have become the core components of modern high-tech electronic products. The products are mainly used in the testing of various electronic and its peripheral products such as: semiconductor components, CPU chips, PCB circuit boards, LCD screens, Camera cameras, IOT. IoT cars, and other online testing of peripheral electronic products.
  The company provides fast customized services to effectively reduce costs and solve capacity problems for enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
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  Customer first Quality-oriented Unity and cooperation Mutual benefit and win-win!


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